Bereavement and Probate

Bereavement and Probate

Losing your loved one’s is by far one of the most painful experiences life can bring. Not only do you have to cope with the grief but in many cases you also have to take on the responsibility of sorting out the legal and financial side of

The task of sharing assets following the loss of a loved one can be legally complicated and emotionally draining especially if there are other relatives involved. We are experienced in all aspects of dealing with a fast house sale of your inherited property.

It is our aim to provide you with professional, courteous and understanding advisors that can provide you with the valuable information you need in a sympathetic and caring manner. We will purchase your inherited property fast and assist you with anything else you need to get you through a difficult sale.

• We make the whole process of selling the property very easy and extremely fast
• We can deposit the funds into a neutral account upon instruction from the Executor of the Will
• We can arrange a house contents clearance upon instruction from the Executor of the Will
• There will be absolutely no costs involved in the sale of the
• No legal Fees
• No survey charges.
• No estate agent commissions.
• No hidden costs of any kind.

If you have recently suffered bereavement and have the added constant worry of being responsible for the estate, we can offer you a fast property sale, and take some of your stress and worries away. We will work to your timescale and the whole process from beginning to end can be completed within a few weeks.

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